Natures Green Spa in Ina

Natures Green Spa in Ina

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Nowadays it is normal to be interested in one's appearance as it characterizes one's identity and determines how people view them. Natures Green Spa (rated 3 by NiceLocal visitors) offers care for your beauty and well-being provided by experienced specialists. Professional treatment usually saves time and nerves while assuring better results than if done by an amateur.

Peace and tranquility are recommended after a hard-working day. Thai, ayurvedic and classical massage can improve your well-being as manual therapy of soft tissue isn't just enjoyable but also boosts the body's healing activities. Consult with a specialist to learn more and choose a massage type that's best for you.

But there's more. If you wish to have a shiny and soft skin, then such procedure as peeling could be alluring to you. Uppermost epidermis removal via classical peel provokes the rejuvenation processes which flatten the wrinkles and decrease them in size and depth.

Natures Green Spa is located near a Ashram metro station at Building No-3, 2nd Floor, Taimoor Nagar-Friends Colony East — 110065.

Learn more information by giving a call: 918273420976.

до м. Ashram — 0.9 km
Working hours
daily: 10:00 - 20:00
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